A few Coffee Mugs were produced with the Old Spice Logo.

Navy Watch Cup 1940

This is a handle-less coffee mug that was manufactured by the Corning Glass Company, and I understand it produced for the US Navy during World War II. 

In 1936 after a merfer with MacBeth-Evans Glass Co. of Charleroi, PA., Corning began producing opal ware. The products made in that plant were more durable and sold to the military as messware. These products would later be branded Pyrex with the introduction of kitchen ware in the mid 1940s.  The backstamp seen on various items prior to that echoes a MacBeth-Evans trademark, but one not previously used on their glassware: that of a glassblower, or "gaffer", nicknamed "Little Joe". I have not confrmed but surmise that Old Spice worked with Corning to produce these coffee mugs as part of its overall wartime marketing program.

Morning Refresher 1984-1985

refresher a refresher b

refresher c

There are actually two mugs shown here - one decorated (two top photos), one plain (bottom photo). Both mugs are marked on the bottom with an embossed script "Old Spice."  The decorated mug was part of the "Morning Refresher" gift set that included After Shave Lotion 4.25 oz. and Shave Cream 6 oz. The set sold in 1984 and 1985 for $10.75. Dimensions 4.0" high X 5.0" rim to handle. 

This mug has popped up with various or no graphics but with the Old Spice embossed on the bottom.  It is my belief that the mug maker in Taiwan had an overstock that were distributed through other channels with and wiothout decoration.  The only mug actually distributed through Old Spice appears as the Morning Refresher shown at top..

Canadian Coffee Mug

coffee This mug originated in Canada and is marked Made in England. It looks to be a coffee mug. Date is uncertain, but its graphics would make it post 1980

Nissan Coffee Mug

nissan The bottom of this coffee mug is marked "Staffordshire Table Ware Made in England"