Welcome to my Old Spice Collectible web site.  If you have been a frequent visitor for the past several years you will notice that I have updated the site in 2012!  I no longer offer "values" for specific products.  If you want a reasonable estimate of a mug or bottle value, search eBay's closed auctions for "Old Spice."  I do offer some general value information on the Values Page in the FAQ section.

The  Shulton Company is best known for its line of Men's fragrances and toiletries, but Shulton began in 1934 as a manufacturer of soaps and women's fragrances, among them Early American Old Spice (the use of the term "...for Men" started with the introduction of the men's products in 1938), Friendship Garden and Desert Flower.   By the time of its sale to American Cyanamid in the 1970 it was a diversified world-wide company making men's and women's toiletries, beauty products and a wide range of household products and industrial chemicals.

This website contains information limited to the Old Spice for Men toiletries and shaving products fromold spicecollectiobles market introduction in 1938 until the brand was acquired by Procter & Gamble (the current brand owner) in 1990.

The navigation buttons on the left of each page should help you get around and find what you are looking for.  What's inside??
        MUGS will help you identify and date shaving mugs and a few coffee mugs. 
        BOTTLES will help you identify virtually any container that holds after shave, cologne or talcum powder.
        OTHER PRODUCTS describes a wide array of items branded by Old Spice and sold along with toiletries
        GIFT SETS will help you identify packaged gift sets containing Old Spice toiletries
        FAQs and MORE will answer some common questions, provide a complete product listing, show packaging information to assist in dating, describe the many "Old Spice" ships and provide guidance on values.
        ADVERTISING includes many store display items and magazine ads over the decades
        FRAGRANCES catalogs other men's fragrances produced by Shulton
        SHULTON INFO includes some resource material on the history of Shulton and Old Spice

old spicecollectioblesPlease note that I am not affiliated with Old Spice or Procter & Gamble, and I am not interested in buying items or selling stuff from my collection.  If you are unhappy with some aspect of Old Spice products, I do not care and ask that you contact P&G directly.